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{September 28, 2008}   where am I?

A basic phrase to learn in any language is “where is….?” You need to be able to ask “Where is my room?” or “Where is the restroom / toilet?”

I realized that I had no word in Miresua for where. I thought that would be easy to fix, but I didn’t count on running head-on into Basque and Finnish grammar. It seems that both Basque and Finnish have several words that can translate to the English word where. They seem best explained by using where and the archaic English words whither and whence. Whither means where to, and whence means where from.

For Miresua, I came up with the word NOSÄ for where — see my related Miresua Conlang post.. This is the static form of where as opposed to whither or whence. This comes from mixing the Basque word NON with the Finnish word MISSÄ.

So, I could ask — Where am I? When translated to Miresua that question becomes — NOSÄ ÄNI ALON? or perhaps, getting the subject from the verb conjugation, the question could be simplified to merely NOSÄ ALON?

I don’t know how to ask “Where is my room?” or “Where is the restroom / toilet?”. But I have a word for where, and that’s a start.


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