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{September 30, 2010}   people and family words

Back in August, I revised some of my words for family members and other people. I find it useful to take a second look at my Miresua words by category, with the respective Basque and Finnish words. It helps me weed out words that don’t quite work and allows me to see which letters I’m overusing or underusing. In addition I check that I’m creating words that more or less equally resemble the Basque and the Finnish words.

I redid the Miresua word for boy to be MIKAL. My word for son is PAME. Before this revision my words for boy and son were similar to each other. The Finnish words for boy and son are exactly the same (POIKA). In Basque the words for boy (MUTIL) and son (SEME) don’t share a common letter.

I revised the word for daughter to be ALYTÄ. My word for girl is TYNSA, as in the title of this blog. The Finnish words for daughter (TYTÄR) and girl (TYTTÖ) are similar. The Basque the words for daughter (ALABA) and girl (NESKA) are not similar at all. Basque and Finnish often disagree on things.

I changed the word for grandfather to be ISAONI instead of ISAIONI. Even as a compound word of father + big, I didn’t particularly want three vowels in a row.

My word for man was redone to be GINES. I made this word start like the Basque word (GIZON) and end like the Finnish word (MIES). And I got to use the uncommon letter G.

I tweaked the word for woman to be NANEME instead of NEMANE. My revised word starts like the Finnish word (NAINEN) and ends like the Basque word (EMAKUME), and it doesn’t contain the word “man” within it.


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