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{July 25, 2010}   Looking for some liquidity

This July I’ve been creating words for liquids in my Miresua conlang. I already had some words for liquids. Water is UVI, wine is VARI, and rain is DURE. This theme ended up being a bit of a challenge. I had to think to come up with commonly used liquids.

Initially I chose to modify a couple of existing words. I revise words when I see a better alphabetic mix of the Basque and the Finnish words. Sometimes I change words because they contain odd letter combinations. I ended up changing blood from EDOR to ORDI, and milk from OMSE to MONE.

My newly created Miresua words are: honey is ETAJA, beer is OLUGAR, cream is ESERMA, oil is ÖLJO, ink is TUSTA, glue is LOILA, and urine is TXIRVA. Liquids all of them. (I’m not sure when I’ll be using that word for urine, but it may be useful when cursing.)

Next month I plan to do verbs, which should be interesting and verging on grammar.


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