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{November 4, 2010}   naming the landscape

Words for the outside landscape, geographical words, were my focus in September. I mixed up a bunch of brand new Miresua words. Not revisions. The detailed postings are on my other blog, Miresua conlang.

There are two Miresua words for field because I found separate words for these terms in Basque and Finnish. An arable field, such as a wheat field, is a SERTO. A field ground or a playing field is a KELTAI.

The word for meadow is BELITY. Note the ending vowel Y, courtesy of Finnish, which is pronounced unlike in English. As the Basque word is similar to the word for grass, this is likely a grassy meadow. Pasture is LADIRE.

The Miresua word for wilderness is ERUMA. This word wasn’t much of a alphabetic mix. The Basque word (erumu) and Finnish word (erämaa) are unusually similar.

A plain or flatland is TALUSA. For this word, I took into account that there are two Finnish words with this general meaning, tasanko and tasomaa.

For desert I came up with ATAMORU. The Basque word (basamortu) and the Finnish word (autiomaa) look quite different although they share a surprising number of letters.

My Miresua word for ocean is OZTERA. I know that my word looks like ocean, hence not too foreign, but I like it nonetheless. The Basque word for ocean is ozeano. The Finnish word for ocean, valtameri, appears to be a compound word of mighty or great + sea.


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