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{June 13, 2008}   the cat is black

In my house, there is a black cat. An entirely black cat.

How would one say in Miresua — “the cat is black”? “Black cat” translates to KITSA MELZA, literally cat black. MELZA is the word for black. There is no definite article in Miresua, so there’s no word for “the”. In this example, “is” translates to ODA. ODA is the third person singular conjugation of the verb OLNA which means “to be, to exist”. Miresua is be a Subject-Object-Verb (SOV) language, which is like Basque, but unlike Finnish (and English). Hence “the cat is black” becomes KITSA MELZA ODA.

There are two verbs “to be” in Miresua, as in Basque, and as in Spanish (ser and estar). If the cat being black was a temporary thing, such as a grey cat that rolled in coal dust, then one might instead say in Miresua KITSA MELZA ANGO, using the third person singular conjugation of the other verb “to be” which is ALGO.

By the way, my black cat is named Felix, and he’s a very good cat.


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