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{March 29, 2010}   grammar, what grammar

My Miresua conlang is alive, although you might not know it, seeing my lack of updates!

This blog, Tynsa irebä, was set up as my place to discuss grammar for my conlang language, Miresua, which is a mix of Basque and Finnish. But I haven’t done much grammar development lately. I’ve been busy with other things, and I didn’t write any miscellaneous stuff or mention my lack of progress. Sorry, green girl, I neglected things here.

Yet I’ve been regularly updating my Miresua conlang blog. I’ve created some new words, and revised many existing words. Most of these changes were small. Sometimes when looking at words again, by category, I could see ways to better use the available letters. I’ve been trying to make my Miresua words take parts from their Basque word and their Finnish word, and be less scrambled.

So, there are more Miresua conlang words, but not yet more ways to put those words together into sentences. To do Miresua grammar, I need to study, and somewhat figure out, Basque grammar and Finnish grammar. Unfortunately that’s a difficult task that’s easier said than done.


Neat to see another conlanger in the wordpressverse. Good luck with your grammar. BTW: how do you deal with different semantic domains of Basque and Finnish words?

miresua says:

Hello fellow conlanger!
How do I deal with the semantic differences between Basque and Finnish? When there are differences, I chose to follow one language’s grammar over the other. Basque wins some arguments, Finnish wins others.

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