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{September 29, 2009}   a bird by any other name

The Miresua word for bird is TIRLU, which is a mix of the Basque word TXORI and the Finnish word LINTU.

In Miresua a crow is a VELAS (a mix of BELE and VARIS); a raven is a PORRI (a mix of ERROI and KORPPI); a magpie is a MAHKA (a mix of MIKA and HARAKKA); and a sparrow is a TXUPARNE (a mix of TXOLARRE and VARPUNEN). The Miresua words for those birds are an alphabetic scrambles of the Basque and the Finnish words.

In my other conlang, Lhaesine, I call these birds by other names. My choice of letters is not restricted in Lhaesine as in Miresua. I’m much more free in my possiblities for creating words in Lhaesine. I call a bird in Lhaesine an IVERN. In Lhaesine a crow is a SCETA; a raven is a TOGUL; a magpie is a FARECAL; and a sparrow is a MODREN.

So, do I call a magpie a MAHKA (Miresua) or a FARECAL (Lhaesine)? Is either conlang word preferable? To anyone else I better call it a magpie, or they won’t possibly understand. Not at first anyway. A bird by any other name may not be comprehended.


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