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{December 14, 2008}   good and bad

Good and bad are common vocabulary words, frequently used adjectives.  I’ve been working on the Miresua conlang for over two and a half years.  You would have thought I would have defined words for good and bad long ago, but I didn’t. 

I probably looked up the words for good and bad in my Basque and Finnish dictionaries and decided to do something easier.  There are some words in Basque and Finnish that are unlike anything in English, such as those with the TX consonant combination in Basque, and Ä and Ö (vowels with umlauts) in Finnish.  Those types of words at first confounded me.

Lately I’ve been mixing in more of the strange bits into my Miresua conlang.  For example, take my words for good and bad.

The Miresua word for good is YNÄ.  It is a mix of the odd Finnish word HYVÄ and the Basque word ON.

The Miresua word for bad is TXON.  It is a mix of the odd Basque word TXAR and the somewhat odd Finnish word HUONO.

These words look foreign, I’ll admit.  But Miresua is a mixture of Basque and Finnish.  It’s not supposed to look like English.


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